Youth Education & Career Services


Family Service’s Youth College and Career Opportunities project incorporates college and career readiness and planning for approximately 300 youth between the ages of 14-17 residing in City Council Districts 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Contact: Youth College and Career Readiness Team at (210) 431-7561 or by email at


Family Service’s Youth College and Career Opportunities project directly aligns with SA2020 goals in Education. Specialized services are targeted to support youth (ages 14-17) in developing the necessary knowledge, skills, and training to support them in obtaining a college education and high demand, high wage jobs in San Antonio after completing their high school education. Project services provide youth participants with college readiness training based on high-demand occupation needs including high school course selection, college application process, financial aid process, scholarship application process and building a college resume. Project services also provide basic job readiness training including resume development, interview skills, workforce job skills, a summer paid internship placement and financial literacy by opening their first savings account. Services offer a holistic approach to ensuring participants are prepared for entry into college and tomorrow’s workforce.


In alignment with industry and city identified needs outlined in the Workforce Summit (April 2015), this program will equip over 250 students with essential skills for workforce development and respond to industry need by:

  • contributing to the development of a labor force equipped with middle technical and soft (communication, interviewing skills, leadership, initiative, etc.) by providing training and communication strategies for San Antonio youth regarding college and career readiness opportunities and skill development;
  • providing youth direct experience within professional environments and linkages to future opportunities; and,
  • increasing financial literacy among employees and within the job applicant pool by providing linkages to the Family Service Financial Empowerment Center.


Family Service’s Best Buy Teen Tech Center (BBTTC) is a learning space dedicated to empowering youth to engage in meaningful learning opportunities by engaging in a diverse learning community. Equipped with the latest technology, the BBTTC partners with the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network where youth are supported by skilled staff and mentors in inventing, creating, designing and building in various mediums (music, film, graphics, computer game development, sound, coding, robotics, etc.) while also developing life skills. Youth, who may have become disengaged in traditional learning systems, discover individual skills, life goals, and vision; often becoming re-engaged in their educational and professional development.


The BBTTC aims to increase youths’ access to and capacity in varied technologies and creation mediums. . The Center inspires youth’s future educational and career choices with an emphasis on San Antonio’s high wage, high-demand sectors. Through a collaborative process, program staff and the BBTTC have facilitated broad-based experiences for youth to become familiar with new technologies and apply their learning to BBTTC based projects.

Eligibility and Contact

This free program runs from Monday through Friday, and teens are invited to drop in from 3:30PM-7:30PM throughout the school year or from 1:00PM-5:00PM throughout the summer or holiday seasons.

For more information contact the Teen Tech Coordinator at (210) 431-7529 or by email at

Visit the Best Buy Teen Tech Center

Youth Against Gang Activity


Best practice research in youth development programming has identified five generally accepted principles for improving healthy youth development outcomes including 1) a focus on positive outcomes; 2) youth engagement and youth voice; 3) long-term commitment; 4) community involvement; and 5) emphasis on collaboration.

The Youth Education Program incorporates these elements of best practice into its multi-dimensional approach that focuses on fostering resiliency, increasing coping/prevention skills, and engaging youth in civic engagement and community service opportunities. Opportunities for youth engagement include in school group facilitation geared at developing life skills focused towards healthy lifestyles and choices; youth leadership through after school programming, case management, and referral support.


Presently, one third of youth in San Antonio will not graduate from high school. This year, YAGA will touch over 3,000 lives with approximately 1,400 youth participating in on-going services empowering them to transform their community’s health and well-being.

Past Awards: United Way of Bexar County Volunteer of the Year Award, Mayor’s Award for Youth and Service, and SAISD Champion of Education.


Contact Youth Education Manager at (210) 431-7545


Edgewood ISD: Kennedy HS and Memorial HS

San Antonio ISD: Poe MS, Rhodes MS, Davis MS, Irving MS, Lanier HS, Wheatley MS, Brackenridge HS, Highlands HS, and Sam Houston HS

Northside ISD: John Jay HS, Anson Jones MS

Northeast ISD: Roosevelt HS

South San ISD: South San HS and Dwight MS

Alternative Site: Municipal Courts

Family Service Association's Best Buy Teen Tech Center is the only program of its kind in Texas.