The Volunteer Services Department is a multifaceted department as it serves the agency, its staff, community partners, valued stakeholders, local universities and high schools, and clients. The department aims to serve the agency and community partners and encourage everyone who wants to serve. Individuals, groups, community and corporate partners and families are constantly engaged to participate in fulfilling Family Service’s mission. Needs are identified at many different levels as the Volunteer Services Department collaborates with corporate groups—a large base of our donors and potential donors—to plan and carry out many different kinds of projects that allow them to see their charitable investments at work.

The Volunteer Services Department provides Family Service, its clients, staff and stakeholders professional consultation, project development, and project management in response to the needs and wishes of the agency programs and services. At the same time, the Volunteer Services Department matches and engages community volunteers with excellent, well-managed volunteer projects that will cause lasting and meaningful changes for the agency. The Volunteer Services Department provides all members of the community the opportunity to "Empower individuals and families to transform their lives and strengthen their community.” Each project, whether individual or group, interns or corporations, is carefully coordinated to serve the agency and community at hand. The department is able to connect individuals and family to other community resources through programs like Khakis 4 Kids, the Argo Group Turkey Dinner Give-Away, and the Adopt-A-Family program.

Giving back to your community can be just as valuable as giving money. When you volunteer at Family Service Association, you’re helping families and individuals improve their lives and strengthen their communities. You make a difference in your community. Our volunteers range in age, occupation, skill-sets, talents and diverse ethnicities. They are business executives and stay-at-home moms, working individuals and retirees. As a result of the generosity, time and talents of our volunteers, Family Service Association received the “Volunteer Program of the Year” award, the highest award in San Antonio for volunteerism in nonprofit work.

There are so manuy ways you can help:

  • Guide youth in a positive direction
  • Prevent homelessness
  • Facilitate parenting classes
  • Lead anger management classes
  • Coach marriage enrichment groups
  • Prepare program materials used throughout the community
  • Collect and distribute school uniforms for children in need
  • Beautify and revitalize Head Start Centers and other Family Service locations
  • Give time to support children’s education in Head Start
  • Support special events
  • Assist with activities for children
  • Provide companionship to seniors
  • Help out with office work, writing and organizational operations

We have flexible evening and weekend hours available, and opportunities for families to volunteer together. We hope you will choose to partner with Family Service Association and make a difference in your community.

To get started, please complete the Online Volunteer Application Form. For more information, call (210) 299-2438 and discover the many ways you can become involved!

Volunteer Services cultivates and engages year round local colleges and universities in vibrant and well-managed undergraduate and graduate-level internship programs that can expand our professional services to more clients and offer significant professional experience to fulfill graduation requirements. Undergraduate applications are accepted year-round. Graduate counseling interns typically support agency services anywhere from four months to well over a year.

Undergraduate Internships

Family Service can offer undergraduate internships in a variety of areas in the Social Sciences fields that will help you learn about case management, counseling intake, family dynamics, youth empowerment, early childhood development, or the aging process. We can also offer internships in Education, Business, English, Marketing, Information Technology, Public Administration, and more! Please submit the following documents to Sarah Osborn Miller at sosborn@family-service.org to explore the opportunities that await!

Please include:

  • Completed application
  • Copy of your ID
  • Résumé
  • Cover letter
  • Proof of liability car insurance

Graduate and Post-Graduate Internships:

Family Service Association has been providing counseling services in the community since the 1950’s. We hope you will learn from our expertise by conducting a graduate or post-graduate placement in the counseling field. We have worked to establish a strong and competitive placement site and we have a team of experienced and dedicated clinicians willing to offer you guidance and support as you practice your skills so that you leave well prepared to continue your journey. Graduate internships in other fields may also be available. Please submit the following documents to Sarah Osborn Miller at sosborn@family-service.org to find out more information!

Please include:

  • Completed online application
  • Copy of your ID
  • Résumé
  • Cover letter
  • Proof of liability car insurance
  • Proof of liability counseling insurance (Counseling students only)

Please note: Incomplete applications will not be considered for an interview.

Spring Semester Summer Semester Fall Semester
Applications Due - October 31st Applications Due - March 31st Applications Due - June 30th
Interveiws - 3rd week in November Interviews - 3rd week in April Interview - 3rd week in July

Many corporations and groups volunteer at Family Service sites. For the majority of the groups, it is because they value and respect our mission, and the scope of the projects we have proposed meets their availability, and their capabilities. These projects can take months of preparation and logistics planning to ensure the maximum value is added and to ensure that volunteers have unforgettably meaningful experiences. Time equals money to many volunteers, and we take that very seriously. If your group is interested in volunteering, please complete the group volunteer application and submit it to volunteer@family-service.org.

Family Service partners with various local universities, including Our Lady of the Lake University and the University of Texas at San Antonio, to provide wholesome, impactful service-learning projects that foster civic responsibility all while creating opportunities to benefit and improve the services Family Service offers to the community. Focus areas involve programs that concentrate on Health and Wellness, Parent Education, Non-Profit Management, Early Education, and Youth Education.

Projects can include:

  • Fundraising
  • Project/Program evaluation
  • Workshops that can benefit staff and/or clients
  • And more!

For more information, please contact volunteer@family-service.org.


Throughout the year, the agency received donations from the community in order to support Margaret’s Place and Margaret’s Place Too—the agency’s donation pantries. Both locations provide clients with an abundantly well stocked pantry of adult and children donated toiletries, toys, diapers, wipes, car seats and other infant or child supplies for families who are in crisis. A newly empowered mother with a number of children may have recently left her abusive husband, as well as her entire household. Margaret’s Place is a place to meet a family’s most basic needs before they start mending the other cuts and bruises that life may have inflicted upon them. For many, this is an opportunity to start over and to regain a sense of dignity as they move on. For more information about donating to Margaret’s Place, please contact Sarah Osborn Miller. If you need assistance please call (210)299-2400.
Our Khakis 4 Kids program is an essential part of our Back to School season. While we are getting our Head Start sites up and ready through the summer and preparing for our Annual Health and Wellness Back to School Fair, we are also collecting khakis (public school uniforms) for families in need to send youth to school empowered with the materials they need to be successful. We are grateful for generous and long-term community partners. Cowboy Cleaners has been mending and dry cleaning the gently used uniforms collected since the inception of the program in 1998. Old Navy locations are key locations for collecting new uniforms. Donate gently used uniforms at any Cowboy Cleaners location, or drop off gently used uniforms at Old Navy stores—or purchase a new school uniform for a child in need! The Khakis 4 Kids program is a year round initiative to support families and children in need of uniforms and we accept donations year round.
The annual Adopt-A-Family Program requires small and large volunteer groups. Approximately 500 families are adopted annually, and all are overwhelmed with the support and commitment of the community to make sure their holidays were safe, cheerful and stress-free. With the assistance of the Adopt-A-Family, hosted by Family Service at The Neighborhood Place, families receive basic, essential, household items, including pots and pans, bed sheets, kitchenware, and even beds and bed frames, as well as clothing, toys and food boxes from generous families, corporations, churches, schools, and individuals throughout the city of San Antonio. Hundreds of volunteers provide over 1,000 hours of service in order to assist in the drop-off and pick-up of holiday gifts to make sure every family in need has a good holiday season. Over the seventeen-day-long project, volunteers sort and wrap gifts as families in need arrive, often times with tears of gratitude in their eyes. For more information on how you can get involved please contact Sarah Osborn Miller.

We Gladly Accept
As a volunteer at the Family Service Association, I was able to witness the ways in which constant empowerment and support have a positive impact on families and communities across the city. Through the various services, community outreach events and initiatives, Family Service truly displayed that empowerment and support to families is the ultimate way to make a lasting impact on the lives of the families they serve. Each department makes continuous and impressionable efforts that go above and beyond my expectations. Family Service has the ability to be successful at uniting communities. I enjoyed working at Family Service Association because the agency as a whole has truly taught me a new outlook on charity and the impact empowerment alone has on the reconstruction of lives.
~ Mikaela Romo, Ambassador, Undergraduate intern, St. Louis University

During my time at Family Service I have been able to see a wide range of clients—everything from individuals with Major Depression, to substance use problems. The variation in different client populations has given me a fuller, richer practicum and internship experience. While the opportunity for personal and profession growth has been a great opportunity, the impact Family Service had on the community is obvious. Family Service Association does everything in its power to make sure that those who need help get help. Family Service’s drive to help improve the lives of those who come to them for help has helped shape who I want to be as a counselor—someone who is compassionate, empathic, and will do everything in my power to help a client. I am proud to call myself a part of this organization.
~ Krystal Shillind, Graduate-level Counseling Intern, University of Texas at San Antnonio
Sarah Osborn Miller, Volunteer Services Manager, sosborn@family-service.org
Selena Dominguez, Volunteer Services Coordinator, sdominguez@family-service.org
Rose Tana, Margaret’s Place Clerk, rtana@family-service.org

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