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Education and Early Childhood Development Services
and Family and Community Support Services

Family Service Association of San Antonio, Inc., (Family Service) provides comprehensive Head Start Education and Early Childhood Development, and Family and Community Support Services.

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Agency Experience in Early Education

Family Service has been a leader in the San Antonio community in the provision of quality early childhood education and early childhood education teacher professional development for the past 15 years. Family Service implements the Texas Early Education Model, Model Classroom, Play & Learn Education Strategies and Early On Kindergarten Readiness services improving the quality of early education services in our community for more than 6,000 children per year. Family Service will work in collaborative partnership with the other Head Start Contractors and our school partnerships for the provision of Health, Mental Health, Nutrition and Disability Services to Head Start children and their families.

Education and Early Childhood Development Services Summary

  • Model: Full Day center-based and school-based education services in partnership with the five school districts providing services to 1610 children in approximately 95 classrooms in both school-based and community-based Head Start Education Centers/Classrooms.

  • All Education and Child Development services will be in compliance with Head Start Performance Standards Part 1304 Subpart B. 1304.21.

  • Family Service will utilize State approved, evidenced-based curricula that are in alignment with each school district within which Head Start Education Services are provided.

Number of Slots for Full-day Education Services

  • 1610 education slots are projected for 7 hours of daily instruction, five days per week for 177 days per year from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

  • At a minimum, 10% of the Head Start Children enrolled in each school district will be children with disabilities.

Number of Slots for Part-day Education Services

At this time, no part-day education services are projected, however, this assumption may be revised based upon the individual needs of families and the communities we serve.

Family and Community Support Services Summary

Family Service will provide a wide range of resources meant to enhance the resilience of vulnerable families by providing social support, information, concrete service linkages, and parental education and leadership training what will ameliorate the stresses that parents may be experiencing.

  • Family Wellness Plans and the Family Partnership Agreements will be developed for each family through the assessment of each family’s strengths and needs.

  • Family Service will develop community collaborative partnerships in each community served by Head Start Centers to leverage available resources to meet community and family needs.

  • The strategy of hiring current or former Head Start parents for the majority of provider positions will enable the Family Support Workers to be reflective of the families served by Head Start Programs. The proposed service delivery system creates a pipeline to employment and a pathway of advancement for Head Start parents to continuously expand their experience, education and employment.

  • Family Service’s utilization of parent leadership development and family engagement strategies with the utilization of strengths-based case management services and concrete neighborhood and community linkages with comprehensive resource and referral services will result in children and families who are healthy, happy and ready to succeed in school.

  • Family Service’s Family and Community Support Services will be based upon best practice recommendations from the Administration of Children, Youth and Families Head Start Bureau and all Head Start Performance Standards and Regulations


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