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Twogether in Texas
Learn to Love for Life

Twogether in Texas state-wide healthy marriage education initiative promotes 8-hour, skills-based marriage education workshops. These marriage education workshops provides couples with the tools they need to manage the challenges inherent to relationships and are focused on communication skills, conflict resolution, and key components of a healthy marriage.

The ground-breaking Twogether in Texas healthy marriage initiative was developed by the State of Texas with the long-term goal of strengthening families as a whole. The program is designed to provide couples with the skills to have a successful marriage and is offered in various venues.

This workshop is perfect for couples who are seriously dating, engaged to be married, or already married.

Couples who are planning to get married and complete this course will be able to take the certificate they receive to their local County Clerk’s office and receive a $60 discount off their marriage license fees. The Twogether in Texas certificate is valid for one year from the date they complete the course. The 72-hour waiting period to get married is also waived.

For more information about registering for a workshop near you log onto or click on the Twogether in Texas logo below then enter your zip code or the county you live in. You can choose to call any of the marriage education providers listed. You may also call 210-299-2476 and ask for Martha Roberts who can assist you with workshop dates and times in your community. 

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